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What Exactly is Document Formatting?
Document Formatting

You’ve typed the words of your document but you’re not yet ready to press the print button. And why not? Because you still need to design and layout the front cover, create headers and footers, place pictures and lable them with captions, generate the table of contents, add page numbers, references and footnotes. More importantly the table styles and margins don’t look completely consistent, the fonts and spacing look untidy, the headings need numbering and the bullets and lists don’t line up between pages.

In short, this document needs proper formatting.

Does it really matter?

After spending so much time on the words you want them to be accessed, read, absorbed and enjoyed. An alignment problem here and numbering glitch there might not sound like much, but you really do not want your reader to be distracted by a document that looks unfinished and by texts that are difficult to navigate through. The truth is, a book that’s not easy on the eye gets put back on the shelf, a business proposal that looks disorganized doesn’t reflect well on your business and a thesis submitted without care and attention to formatting is tough for the examiner to read.

The only way to produce a truly clean, consistently formatted document is to spend a great deal of time understanding the word processing software inside out, making sure there are no manual fixes, no workarounds, no holding down the spacebar, no forced line feeds, no pictures flicking around and no corrupted templates. This is a large order, particularly if you have time pressure as well!

So What Are the Options?

Now there is an alternative! G-Media’s Document Formatting Service will take the problem off your hands and ensure you receive a properly formatted document you can be proud of. In particular a G-Media formatted document will be:

  • Clean
  • Consistent
  • Structured
  • Attractive
  • Professional

Below we outline the key steps involved in formatting your document, which, when combined with expert design touches, can turn your document into something special. After all, your words deserve to look their best:

  • Apply a Common Layout
  • Remove Unnecessary Styles
  • Delete Redundant Spaces
  • Form Outline Schemes
  • Edit Figures
  • Style Tables
  • Insert Linked References
  • Create Index Tables
  • Ensure Textual Consistency

Consistent and Attractive Designs

Using our formatting service will enable you to present a positive, consistent and professional image to your current and prospective clients. Services can be provided on a once-off or regular basis and include:

Custom Design and Layout

  • Removal of inconsistent text styles and fonts
  • Sourcing and correct placement of images
  • Text styles (including headings, sub headings, body font, bullet points)
  • Fixing alignment issues
  • Headers and footers
  • Pagination
  • Basic spelling and grammar check
  • Diagram, chart and table creation
  • Converting to PDF format
  • Maintain your documents with ease

Not an expert at Microsoft Word? No problem. That is where we can help. All documents we format can be easily edited by you or your staff. We do this by creating styles throughout your document.
You can apply styles to text, tables and lists in your document to quickly change their appearance.  This way, all text within the document is consistent and professionally presented.

Programs Utilized

We work on PC’s and are highly experienced in Microsoft Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel and CorelDraw, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.

Final Files

We will provide you with the working file and a pdf file of your document, as part of your final package.

Document Templates

We offer professionally designed custom templates to make editing your documents a breeze. All you need to do is add your own content!
Like our regular document formatting services, all templates are created with style sheets for easy formatting. All designs are unique and can be formatted to your company style, presenting a consistent look across all your documents.

Your presentation should showcase your cutting edge ideas
Professional Presentations

  • A well formatted presentation is attractive, clear and organized
  • Presentation design work and animation should be slick and non-intrusive
  • Text, bullets, numbering and headings should be clean and consistent
  • Tables should be clear and styled to look part of a matching set
  • Images should be coloured to compliment the presentation

We’re here to make your slides a pleasure to present

  • We format presentation slides from the board room to the lecture theater
  • We will not only do the fancy bits, we’ll ensure every slide looks consistent
  • Send us your content in any form along with a few instructions and leave the rest to us!

Presentation Formatting Service

  • Ensure a consistent layout for your slides
  • Create templates to suit your needs
  • Apply matching-color schemes
  • Optimize your presentation for maximum impact
  • Create animation where required
  • Ensure fluid transition between slides
  • Insert a range of other media

The ‘WOW’ Factor

Formatting text, thoughtful images (and correct placement of them), redesigning graphs and tables – all these aspects combined help to bring your dull presentation to life.

Stand out from the people who speak before and after you by bringing the ‘WOW’ factor to your presentations.

We are committed to helping you create a presentation that is memorable – and gets results.

Whether you need one custom, high-end deliverable or ongoing outsourced PowerPoint design services, G-Media is your solution.

Top quality book formatting at an affordable price.

Book FormattingSend us your raw words, lists, headings, pictures, tables, equations and references and watch as we transform them into a polished, professionally formatted book manuscript worthy of all your hard work. We combine our detailed knowledge of book typesetting standards, software expertise and any specific instructions from your publishing house or printing company to ensure you can send your book straight to print.

Book Formatting Service

  • Title Page and Figures
  • Spacing, Layout and Alignment
  • Front and End Matter
  • Tables of Contents and Figures
  • Text Styles and Headings
  • Lists, Bullets and Numbering Schemes
  • Headers, Footers and Margins
  • Pagination and Trim Size
  • References and Bibliographies
  • eBook Conversion Services
  • Book Cover Design
  • PDF preparation services

Try us for free. Simply request a free formatting sample right now. If you like what you see then ask us to go ahead and complete the job. We’ll provide a full review of your finished book before payment and friendly, open communication at all times. And if you’re not yet ready to send us anything, just call or email us instead. It’s that simple.

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